Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Conversations with a 2 year old

We're outside and she's carrying around her blanket cause she said she was cold. While eating Strawberry Shortcake tonight I asked her if she'd like to pick strawberries again sometime soon:
Maybe we can pick strawberries on Saturday. Not today. It's 'possed to rain in coupo minutes. Right now, the rain is in the cwouds sweeping. Pretty soon it's gonna rain and tunder, rain and tunder, rain and tunder. Where's sunshine at?

After putting up the new bird house:
The birdies can libe in there. Puts her lips up to the hole in the house: Hello in there! And the birdies say (in a different voice) Hello Hannah, hello! Birdies house gonna hang down and maybe it's still on the thing ober there (the shepherd's hook).

What did you do yesterday, Hannah?
Pwayed at grandma's house and I pwayed with Woocy (Lucy). We got the car ready and we go home. Then, I swide down the swide and then I swide down with my bwanket. And I say WEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Pretending to be a princess:
(Puts a blanket on her head:) I'm a pwincess out here. They libe in they house and they pway. And they pway hopcotch like this (jumps around). I'm walking to my park and I'm gonna pway pwincess. They kiss a frog and they go inside a weeeeeeery big house. They kiss a frog MWAH like that and then the frog turns into Donald Duck (an episode from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).

Inside are toys to dig and a bucket to make a mountain. Papa and Gramma make mountains with me. And I make mountains of dirts.

Come on bwanket. Wet's Go! Vamanos! (let's go in spanish).

Still carrying around her blanket:
I'm cold. Wiw you tuck me tug in a bug in a rug in a bug in a rug?

See's a plane: Pwanes fwy. (Do they do anything else?) Pwanes fwy and that's it!

Can I make noise outside? (mommy replies yes). OK! WHOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO. I make the noise WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!

I gotta eat my stwabewwies. I'm hungry for stwabewwies!

Max cries: No Max! Top crying. Dere's no crying outside, in the bath, in my bedroom, in this room (depending on where she was at the time).

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