Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Newsletter 2008

Happy Holidays! It seems like this year has just flown by! I never thought we'd join in on the Christmas Newsletter but since we don't see or talk to people as much as we'd like, it was the easiest way to update everyone on us (mostly Hannah).
Hannah is now 21 months old. She turns 2 at the end of February and she just keeps growing! She's still tall and skinny (like her daddy). She's up to about 15 teeth now and she's not afraid to use them! She talks constantly. Around 18 months, she had a few favorite words that she used over and over again (mostly EAT and DADDY), but since then her vocabulary has begun to expand exponentially. She has flash cards that she has us quiz her on all the time. Appletus (Octopus) and Melonwater (Watermelon), as well as Tibra (Zebra-she's confused by it's tiger-like stripes) and Dacdum (Vacuum) are some of her more amusing attempts. She has a few favorite books that she doesn't like to read, but instead point to each object on the page and tell you what it is.
Her first birthday was a Princess Theme party and she feels it necessary to carry on that title throughout the year. From her birthday and Christmas last year alone, she has a playroom bursting at the seams with toys. But she doesn't take it for granted, she reminds both Mommy and Daddy who got her the majority of her gifts. She still loves her babies (Susan, Janet, Maggie, Ramona, Campbell Evelyn, and Barbara) but now she has moved onto her latest love, cooking.
She loves to help Mommy and Daddy cook every meal but mostly she loves to cook in her own play kitchen. She'll special order any meal you'd like but just remember, “it HOT!” The chef doesn't stop there, she'll gladly blow on your food until it reaches a temperature you're comfortable with.
Hannah had her first plane ride experience in October and Mommy claims there won't be another one until she learns the true meaning of the terms: “no kicking the seat in front of you” and “no yelling”. She had fun meeting her family in Colorado and visiting her uncle and her baby friends in Oregon even though the 2 and 3 hour time differences could have fooled a lot of people into thinking she didn't have much fun! We don't see any of our family nearly enough so it was nice to have an excuse to go out and visit!
For Halloween, Mommy made Hannah an Ariel costume because she just LOVES Ariel from the Little Mermaid. She loved going up to everyone's door and saying “Tic-Tee” and Day-du (Thank you).
She loves Sesame Street and knows each character by name. She would sit and watch Youtube videos of her favorites all day long if we'd let her. The beginning of December we took her to see Sesame Street Live and she was in awe. Her mouth hung open for a good 10 minutes while she realized that just a few feet away from her were the loves of her life! First Ernie and Bert..well that was great enough but they were followed by Bird Bird and Abbadee and Oscargr and Telly? No way! Not to mention Elmo and Ah-Bla-La-La (Cookie Monster)! Once she got over the shock of it all, she had a blast dancing around in the aisles. We couldn't have had any more fun watching her. She also likes The Backyardigans, but only the songs at the end where she raises both hands above her head and spins and dances in a circle until she is falling over dizzy. She also loves Spongebob (or Bobbie as she's adoringly started calling him). And don't forget Patrick or Gary or Did-Did (Squidward).
We found out on the 4th of July that we were expecting another little Zandarski and we were thrilled. In November we found out it was a baby boy and we're ecstatic. We are pretty much set on a first name but the spelling of the first and an actual middle name have us battling back and forth! Mommy should win though, right? I mean she is the one giving birth!
Paul is still working hard at Michelin and bringing home the bacon for the family. Liz is a stay-at-home-mom for the time being but she's also taking on line classes for a medical transcription certification. She's almost done with the classes and then hopefully she'll quickly find a job while staying at home with the two little ones.
We love to stay in touch with family and friends so in case you don't have our email addresses, here they are: Liz: Paul:
HAPPY HOLIDAYS! We love you!