Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hannah's language skills have really taken off. Both Paul and I talk about how amazed we are w/ how well she talks. She now is making complete sentences and it's blowing us away!
I love that now she can tell us if something is bothering her. She'll say, "teeth hurt, medicine please mommy". She says please and thank you 99% of the time without even being asked. If someone sneezes (or coughs or burps) she says, "bless you".
Sometimes she says things that make me wanna laugh and swat her butt at the same time. If I ask her to pick up her toys she says, "noooooo, vacuum (dac-doom) mommy!" I tell her that I'm not gonna clean them up by myself and she says "ok, Kellan help you". What a stinker!
She has trouble with the F sound so it usually comes out more like SH....she likes to smell showers and pours cah-shee to drink. The other day she was pushing a basket around. It overturned and she said "Uh oh! Basket Shell, Memo ok, Elmo hurt. Elmo bruise". I cracked up til I cried! If I ask her to walk up the stairs on her own she asks, "Kellan heaby? Hannah walks, mommy". She always says Hannah help boo and will pick up.
She loves to count to 10-1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9,10. She's getting there!!!
She's learning her colors but everything except pink and white are "green".
If it's cold outside she runs to the car saying COLD, yunning Mommy's car!" Once inside she asks for a blanket (or bank-it).
She knows everyone on Sesame Street's name except for Rosita--she just isn't a fan! It's funny to watch her wave and say HI to each character as they come on the screen.
It's been such a blast to watch her learn and grow and I can't wait to watch her when her little brother arrives. I think she will be the BEST big sister any little man could ask for!

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