Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hannah's Day (new words)

A Day In the Life of Hannah (Learning Words)
Getting Up:
Usually she'll wake up and say Mommy or Daddy or Help if she wants out of her crib. She knows she's not allowed out if she just yells or cries. Sometimes she says "Hand" and wants you to grab her hand so she can climb out on her own...nope doesnt happen!
Immediately after she gets up she wants to "eat" which she says while pointing at her mouth. If she had her choice, she'd eat bacon, bacon, bacon and nothing else. Or "me-me" mini muffins. She'll also ask all day for Appo-Ju (Apple Juice) though she usually gets stuck w/ milk or wah-ta (water).
Then she'll ask to watch the only TV she ever wants to watch. She likes to switch between her three favorite shows. She'll ask for Bobbie (Spongebob) or Pact-o (Pablo from the Backyardigans) or Elmo (Sesame Street). She doesnt like to watch the shows, just the theme songs so mommy usually records them so she can watch the theme songs and be done. She likes the end of the Backyardigans so she can wave bye when they go in the house after the song. She yells BOBBIE during the spongebob theme song and she likes to watch bits and pieces of Sesame Street. She loves Elmo the most, followed closely by Bird Bird (Big Bird), Ernie, Ber (Bert), Oscur-gr (Oscar Grouch), and a tongue roll for Cookie Monster.
After that it's time to cook...and this usually lasts all day. She loves to be in her pretend kitchen or the real kitchen. Her new kitchen from Grammi and Grampi is already waiting in the garage for Christmas. She will be floored b/c the kitchen is her favorite toy she has. She will cook all day. She'll feed her babies, mommy, or daddy. If you ask her for a particular food item, 90% of the time you'll get what you wanted...(including if you ask for eggs, she'll give you both a whole egg and an open egg!)
She still likes her babies but has grown bored w/ taking care of them daily. She usually makes sure they're comfortable in their stro-er(stroller), bassinet, or cart (shopping cart). She likes to read books but usually only her elmo books or her tractor books. Daddy reads a book to her every night but usually she follows along in a book of her choice after she picks one out for Daddy to read.
She loves her potty chair. On and off during the day she'll grab her diaper and say potty. So we race to the bathroom and sit on the potty while Hannah says "Pee" or "pssst" but never actually does. She came close to "poo" one day but got scared and tried jumping off the toilet. She has a new potty chair but has yet to be interested in it beside putting her babies on it or sticking toys in and hiding them.
She loves to "co-ur" (color) though lately she's just been eating crayons so she gets them taken away.
She loves to listen to music. Her favorite is still Morris Brown by Outkast. But when she's relaxing it's Luckiest by Ben Folds Five. If she's in the mood to dance around it's Who Let the Dogs Out...her newest favorite where she yells "dogggy".
For lunch, she loves anything w/ cheese in it and will eat an entire bowl of Mac-n-Cheese. She likes "butter" both the peanut kind and regular kind. She'll eat the butter off a piece of toast or just request it as a meal. She loves fresh strawberries and other fruits. Of course she likes junk food just like her daddy but we're trying to steer toward being healthy. She does like hot dogs and could eat 2 if hungry.
For nap time she goes down very easily usually. She requires several things to nap peacefully. Pa-ci (pacifier), Woe-ie (lovie), and Ber (carebear). Usually she'll sleep for 2 hours, if the neighbors aren't out being annoying.
After naptime, no matter the time she went down, she'll immediately start asking for "daddy". She will look out the window and even open the door to the garage to see if his car is there. If she hears the garage door open, no matter where she is, she will start to flip out! If she's upstairs, she'll go sit at the top of the stairs and go between sticking her finger to her mouth (meaning "shhh, we're surprising daddy") or scream at the top of her lungs in excitement. If she's downstairs she'll immediately run to the garage, see his car, and race around the kitchen being both excited and shy at the same time. It's her favorite part of the day.
When daddy gets home she wants to help him cook right away. Her favorite thing to do is cook dinner. She loves to stir and add ingredients. For dinner, she has to sit in her high chee and use her fork or spoon in the opposite hand than the one she's picking up food with. Sometimes she does scoop up some food but if it's something really tasty, it's easier to shovel in by hand.
After dinner, which she may or may not eat, she gets ready for the "baaaa" (bath). She gets in and tries to lap up the water filling the tub. She loves her ducks and the "girr" (girl) in the tub. She loves to fill up a caaa (cup) w/ water and drink out of it all prim and proper. Lately, she likes to lay on her belly in the bath or take a bucket and dump it on her face. She wants you always to put body wash in her hands so she can rub her hands together and clean her be-yee (belly) or har (hair).
After bath she usually says "cold" and "brrrr" and hugs herself.
Daddy reads a "buh" (book) while she reads another. Then it's kisses for everyone including baby brother or sister.
Thanks for coming along and reading about our DAY!

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